Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) for Non-invasive Tumor Removal

Hope for Previously Untreatable Tumors
Tumors can be challenging for patients and their physicians. However, there is new hope for many patients with tumors that were previously untreatable. In many cases, Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) is an option that can be preferable to surgical excision. The procedure destroys tumors with radiofrequency waves, and offers advantages including:

Since 2004, when Advanced Radiology Services began offering RFA, we have seen many cases where it has had a profoundly improved the outlook on patient lives. Conditions where RFA may be the best option include:

Who Performs the Procedure
Our physicians who perform this treatment are doctors who completed medical school and then attended an additional 4 - 5 years of medical training in the field of interventional radiology. Their advanced subspecialist medical training provides the expertise to use imaging to guide this minimally invasive procedure. Interventional radiologists are also uniquely qualified to perform other procedures that involve less recovery time than traditional surgery.

How to Get Help
Patients my be referred to us from any site and are usually seen within a week and treated within two weeks. To see one of our doctors and determine if you are a candidate for RFA, you will need a referral from your physician. Advanced Radiology Services helps streamline RFA by coordinating with your primary care provider and the appropriate treatment location. Your physician may contact us at:
Grand Rapids, Lakeshore and Lansing area: 616.459.7225
Kalamazoo area: 269.341.6380, press #1





















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