Patient Services & Exams

Our services include exams, imaging studies, interventional radiology, education and support. Advanced Radiology Services physicians work closely with your medical team to help determine and provide the best solution for your health care. We are available for consult regarding our findings about your case, and also participate in multi-specialty clinics, which involve a team of specialists meeting together with a patient.

When your doctor orders a radiology exam, images or pictures of your body will be produced. A radiologist will interpret these images and provide a written report for your doctor, who will discuss the results with you. Since the report will likely influence the care you receive, it is important to have an experienced, board-certified radiologist interpret your medical images. Where you have your radiology exam usually determines who interprets the images and prepares the report for your doctor. To ensure that one of our radiologists will read and interpret your medical images, ask your doctor to send you to one of the locations [note: link to ARS Locations page] served by Advanced Radiology Services.

Following are brief descriptions of our subspecialties. For more detailed information, please visit our Patient Information page.

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Cardiovascular Imaging uses MRI, high speed CT, nuclear medicine, and PET imaging to diagnose heart diseases including congenital malformations of the heart, coronary artery disease, and inflammatory conditions of the heart muscle. Specialized exams are able to assess cardiac viability after a heart attack and perform Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring as a screening test to assess the risk of clinically unsuspected heart disease. CT angiography and MRI angiography are able to non-invasively study the arteries supplying the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, and legs, sparing many patients from conventional angiography.

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Interventional Radiology Evergreen Office: 616.459.7225 (lower level of Corporate Office)