Payment & Billing Information


Following are answers to questions we are typically asked regarding billing and payment for our services. To pay your bill online, please click the Make Payment Now button, there is no charge for this service. For questions about your bill, please call 616.363.7229 or 800.593.8791.


Q: Iʼve never been to Grand Rapids, why am I getting a bill from you?
A: The billing office is based in Grand Rapids; however our radiologists serve facilities throughout Michigan.

Q: Why am I getting a bill from you?
A: Advanced Radiology Services bills for the professional services performed by our radiologists, this includes reading your image(s) such as X-ray, CT, MRI, and interventional care.

Q: Who authorized your services?
A: The hospital or facility where you had your procedure authorized the services. Hospital policy requires that a staff licensed radiologist perform diagnostic services.

Q: Why am I receiving multiple bills?
A: You may have had more than one procedure. Depending on the processing order of insurance payments, this may result in more than one bill.

Q: Why didnʼt my hospital bill cover this?
A: The hospital bill is for the technical component, which covers the cost of the equipment and facility expenses. Our bill is for the professional (physician) component, which covers the cost of the radiologist reading the image or performing interventional services.

Q: How can I confirm this service was performed?
A: If you have questions about a service, please contact customer service at 616.363.7229 or 800.593.8791.

Corporate Office: 616.363.7272, 3264 North Evergreen Drive, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Interventional Radiology Evergreen Office: 616.459.7225 (lower level of Corporate Office)