BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) FAQ’s

Q: What is BYOD?

A: BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) refers to the practice of letting employees bring and use their own personal devices (like Smartphones and tablets) for work purposes.

Q: What do I need to do to receive a stipend and how much is the stipend?

A: Once you enroll into BYOD we will remove your current ARS corporate phone from the ARS corporate phone plan and will notify Finance, who will add the BYOD stipend to your paycheck automatically. ARS subsidizes $75 per month.

Q: I have privacy concerns surrounding the ARS BYOD program.

A: Our overall goal is to be as least intrusive as possible and respect everyone’s privacy on their mobile devices.  As such, on personal devices we are not collecting information regarding GPS, Telecom (such as data usage), personal applications, profiles, or network.  This is different than what you see in the current settings on the ARS corporate phones.

Q: What is STARS IT monitoring, and what is STARS IT not monitoring?

A: STARS IT can monitor the phone model, corporate applications, and security compromise status of the phone.  This is done so we can protect ARS information. We do not monitor GPS, Telecom (such as data usage), personal applications, profiles, or network.

Q: What are the recommended and supported devices?

A: Recommended and supported devices are listed below:

  • iPhone 5S and higher
  • Android Pixel
  • Android Samsung

Q: What security software is used in the BYOD program?

A: STARS IT is using AirWatch by VMWare. The software installed on a personal device is “Intelligent HUB”.

Q: Will I be able to use the same applications as I had on my Corp phone?

A: Absolutely, we will provision the same applications to your personal device to ensure compatibility.

Q: How do I use Spectrum email with ARS BYOD?

A: You will need to contact STARS IT and we will arrange to install Spectrum email on your BYOD device. Spectrum is using AirWatch “Boxer” as their preferred and compatible with ARS MDM email client.

Q: What happens to my BYOD phone if I leave ARS?

A: We will remove all corporate data from your personal phone remotely and will not see or collect your personal Data.

Q: If switching from a current ARS corporate phone to BYOD what do I do with the current ARS corporate phone?

A: We will wipe your old ARS corporate phone to remove any corporate and PHI data. It is up to you if you decide to return it. This only applies to iPhone models 5s and below. Newer devices need to be returned to Stars IT for reinsertion into the ARS corporate phone process.

Q: Is a PIN required for BYOD? How secure is it?

A: The STARS Security Team follows industry standards and requires establishing a device PIN of 6 characters or more.

Q: What should you do if you lose your BYOD device?

A: You must notify the STARS Security Team. We will remove corporate data from your device, it will then be your responsibility to obtain a new device.

Q: What is enterprise data on a BYOD device?

A: Enterprise data are the data and applications installed using AirWatch. That includes ARS email and ARS applications like QGenda, Content Locker, Duo, Perfect serve, etc..

Q: How do I receive updates?

A: Periodically STARS IT automatically perform required updates and/or add required applications to your BOYD device. You will receive verification messages at the time of an update or app installation.

Q: Will this affect my iWatch?

A: Your iWatch will require a 6 digit PIN number, which will be setup at the time of BYOD enrollment. Your watch is locked when taken off your wrist. When you put the watch back on, you need to enter in the PIN to unlock.

Q: Will this affect my other apps?

A: No. Your other apps should run normally.