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Our Mission:

The ARS Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations that improve the health of communities our members served and investing in the future of radiology.

ARS Foundation 2022 Annual Report

ARS Foundation 2021 Annual Report

Current Partnerships/Projects:

Radiopaedia: The ARS Foundation has been donating to Radiopaedia annually since 2019 and donated $25,000 in 2022. is one of the leading online radiology medical resources used across the globe. In 2022, they served over 39 million individuals around the world. Our donations assist in the development of stack optimization, DICOM uploading, case optimization tools and case annotations. These technical capacities allow easy upload of more teaching cases that will be available for free to all visitors including low and middle income countries.

Video Link to statements by Dr. Frank Gaillard

Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) – Research & Education Foundation: The ARS Foundation has donated to the RSNA R&E Foundation through the Visionaries in Practice (VIP) Giving Program since 2013. Our continued support of the RSNA Research and Education Foundation was recognized as a visionary support group at the bronze level. The RSNA Foundation has achieved for each $1 donated an average of a $50 match from other funding sources such as the National Institutes of Health.

Radiological Society of North America – Foundation

Emory University Center for Ethics / Michigan State University: In 2022, the ARS Foundation continued to work with Dr. John Banja as the lead of the Emory University Center for Ethics. Along with partners at Michigan State University this project focuses on the non-interpretive aspects of artificial intelligence in radiology. Specifically, developing the ethical, economic, and legal aspects that have been only superficially discussed until now. This grant has already generated conference presentations, published articles, additional article submissions and a podcast with radiology luminaries. The grant was transformed successfully into a matching grant in 2021, with our funding matched by the Emory Department of Radiology. This year additional work on perceptual error was added to the project.

AI, Radiology and Ethics: A Podcast Series

Michigan State University: This year we have watched the progress of our earlier grants in support of three research and education projects driven by Dr. Adam Alessio at MSU on artificail intelligence in radiology. In addition, we continue to watch the progress of a grant to Professor Saiprasad Ravishankar though MSU involving methods to use AI to speed up the acquisition of MRI images. His research has led to several publications. We endeavor to renew our support for these researchers during 2023.

In addition, we have once again provided a significant matching grant for medical student scholarships at Michigan State University in honor of Dr. Daniel Shumaker, a former radiologist at Advanced Radiology Services.

Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute through the American College of Radiology (ACR) Foundation: The ARS Foundation has donated to the ACR Foundation to support the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute since 2015. Our goal in strongly supporting this institute has been to create a national “think tank” for radiology health policy research. We have been recognized by the ACR for our leadership work on this issue. After our first year of funding, we created a challenge match to strengthen the institute’s fundraising that has continued through the present. This challenge has received a much greater fundraising response than expected. Our challenge grant has been matched first by the ACR Foundation and then matched again by individual and group donors. Equally important, our leadership work on this topic has helped catalyze a shift in the ACR Foundation’s strategic direction toward supporting health policy research. We now have a position on their advisory board. One of our physicians, Dr. Andy Moriarity is serving on the Health Policy Institute Advisory Board.

Harvey Neiman Health Policy Institute

Michigan State University – Daniel Shumaker, MD Memorial Endowed Scholarship: The endowment was established in 2018 to honor the life, leadership and friendship of a colleague, and his advocacy for the profession of radiology and the patients Dr. Shumaker served across the state of Michigan. The award recognizes the multifaceted complexity of the human experience, and acknowledges that substantial contributions live beyond a life prematurely ended by addiction and mental illness. The endowment seeks to encourage talented young physicians to innovate and impact society through engaged careers in radiology, behavioral medicine and/or neuroscience. Through the generosity of our donors, scholarships have been provided to individuals with aspirations to address physician wellness through careers in radiology, behavioral medicine, neuroscience and/or organized medicine.

Letter from Jamarie Geller – 2023 Scholarship Recipient

MSU College of Human Medicine

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