Why Michigan

A Great Place to Live and Work

Advanced Radiology Services, P.C. is headquartered in Grand Rapids Michigan and serves the greater Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Saginaw, and lakeshore communities. Michigan is one of America’s premier locations for business and a major vacation destination.

Here you will live and work in close proximity to the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan and to major cities including Detroit and Chicago. Michigan boasts a thriving arts community, cultural districts, excellent neighborhoods and exceptional school systems. Michigan continues to grow at a rapid rate and is considered a great place for families. To learn more about the communities we serve, visit:


The same things that keep vacationers coming back, also make it a great place to call home. Visit these websites for more about popular attractions.


Famous for world-changing inventions and groundbreaking music, Detroit is vibrant, progressive, and charming. Learn more about southeast Michigan, including Warren, one of metro Detroit’s core cities.



Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids’ features the advantages of a big city without the hassle. Combined with the thriving medical community and a low cost of living it offers great advantages. Following is a collection of websites featuring local economic, arts, housing and business information.




Residents of Kalamazoo benefit from The Kalamazoo Promise, a special program that provides a free college education for children raised in the area. Learn more about this and other local advantages and attractions.



The lakeshore’s sugar sand beaches and beautiful scenery make the area a fun and relaxing place to live. Learn more about what the lakeshore area has to offer.



As the home of our state’s capital, Lansing is centrally located and offers unique advantages. Explore Lansing with some of these popular websites.




The city of Saginaw is steeped in arts & culture — with hidden gems & unexpected delights around each historic, mural-covered street corner. Discover more by visiting these websites.