Learn more from STARS staff

“Working for STARS is a rewarding experience for me and my team because we get to help radiologists provide high quality care for all of West Michigan.

Our doctors appreciate the support we provide them as they work with our local health systems to complete over 4500 radiology exams every day.”

Rick Sigler, Director of Decision Support and Information Systems


“I enjoy working for STARS because I learn something new every day!

I also like the environment because we enjoy our jobs and people are happy to come to work.

I appreciate how the company realizes that it is a busy and ever-changing industry—they recognize the stress of workloads and offer solutions.

STARS appreciates all of us, and supports us as we strive to work together for common goals.”

Karen A. Reed, Administrative Assistant


“I enjoy the teamwork we have at STARS! I always feel a sense of accomplishment when we work together on projects.”

Janet Luckett, Executive Assistant


“I enjoy working for STARS because we have a savvy group of IT professionals that are willing to push the technical envelope and keep us on the leading edge.  We are willing to train and educate our people to allow them to continue to advance their knowledge as well and that helps build a fun learning environment.

Also I believe that the various teams genuinely care about each other, work together towards common company initiatives and our doctors are awesome in their support of what we are trying to get done. There is a genuine appreciation from the radiologists.”

Brett Pawlanta, Manager – Information Systems


“I’ve worked at other places and talked with family & friends; I can’t think of any other employer that does what STARS does for their employees personally and professionally. The benefits are great!”


Shreatta Wells, Insurance Reimbursement Specialist