Physician Wellness Program

It is our mission to promote the health, wellness and happiness of our physicians.  Our goal is to support employees in making healthy choices with their work and home lives, encourage habits of wellness, and increase awareness of risk factors for burnout.  We would like to offer resources to improve quality of life and create a sense of community.

Test Yourself

Stanford Medicine Well MD page offers many self-screening tests such as Maslach’s Workplace Burnout Quiz, an Anxiety Screener and a Mindfulness Quiz.

Duke University Research- Three Good Things

YouTube video by Bryan Sexton, PhD at Duke Clinical Research Institute on an easy method to increase your ability to go to sleep and overall happiness levels.

Micro Resiliency Practice

Greater Good in Action site offering science based practices for a meaningful life such as: Gratitude Meditation, Gaining Perspective on Negative Events and Nine Steps to Forgiveness.

Reignite Your Purpose

The AMA’s Practice Improvement Strategies- Earn CME Credit.

Family Support

A website and on line publication for people who share their lives with a physician. Each issue focuses on the unique issues and challenges faced by medical families.

Support For Your Spouse

Kent County Medical Society Alliance is an organization for spouses or domestic partners of physicians. KCMSA offers camaraderie and support as well as opportunity for health care related philanthropy and advocacy work.

Health Professional Recovery Program

The HPRP supports the recovery of its participants who are struggling with addiction so they may safely return to practice.

Additional Resources

Link to a great article on radiologist burnout by Dr. DeLano, a link to the most widely used meditation app and other relevant information.