Promising New Treatments

As a healthcare consumer, knowing about the latest treatments can often streamline care and provide options that lower risk and downtime. Due to its nature, the field of radiology is ground zero for some of the most promising new treatments that deliver results without prolonged recovery times.

As the nations largest physician-owned private radiology practice, we deliver leading edge interventional and imaging procedures that eliminate pain and cure disease without surgery. Please check back often to see updates with additional featured procedures that we offer.

If you think you may be a candidate for one of these procedures, please check with your physician for a referral. Your physician may contact us at:
Grand Rapids, Lakeshore and Lansing area: 616.459.7225
Kalamazoo area: 269.341.6380, press #1

Corporate Office: 616.363.7272, 3264 North Evergreen Drive, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Interventional Radiology Evergreen Office: 616.459.7225 (lower level of Corporate Office)