Body Imaging

Advanced, Accurate, & Experienced Body Imaging Services

Our body imaging radiologists specialize in cross-sectional imaging techniques that are used to diagnose conditions affecting the abdomen and pelvis.

By utilizing multiple radiology methods, they are able to diagnose many problems in a non-invasive manner, which can lead to successful patient outcomes.

Body imaging is a broad subspecialty and examinations may be performed for diverse indications such as acute abdominal pain, monitoring gastrointestinal or liver disease, gynecologic problems, or initial evaluation and subsequent surveillance of cancer.

Our services are comprehensive and include nearly every type of radiology procedure available. Advanced Radiology Services, PC physicians have been at the forefront of new imaging applications in body imaging including:

  • CT Colonography
  • Prostate MRI
  • High Resolution MRI Cancer Staging
  • Liver Disease Evaluation

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Our subspecialized physicians are available to provide expert interpretations at over 85 locations across Michigan; all accredited by the American College of Radiology.

We also participate in cancer multi-specialty clinics, which involves a team of cancer specialists meeting with a patient at a single appointment.

Our Body imaging team members are board-certified and several have advanced fellowship training.

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