Tissue Sample

Tissue Biopsy

Providing a cellular sample for diagnosis and testing

Imaging (CT, Ultrasound, MRI, etc.) can identify abnormal tissue inside of your body.

Once an abnormality is identified, diagnosing the exact problem can’t often be done by looking at the images alone, and diagnosis often requires a tissue sample for further testing.

In order to obtain a tissue sample, an interventional radiologist might be called upon to perform a biopsy.

A biopsy is a minimally invasive image-guided procedure by which a tissue sample is collected for further testing. Biopsies may be done to help detect cancer.

The physician will choose the best site for entering the skin, depending on the location of the abnormal tissue that needs sampling.

The skin will be numbed and a specially designed needle will be guided through the skin and to the desired tissue for sampling.

Once at the targeted location, a quick click of the needle cuts a small tissue sample out and that sample can be sent to a pathologist for examination.


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