Liver Cancer

Liver Directed Therapies

Treating liver tumors with minimally invasive procedures

A cancer that originates in the liver can be referred to as primary liver cancer.

The most common of the primary liver cancers is hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

Secondary liver cancer is the presence of cancer in the liver as the result of metastasis, or tumors that form by the spread of cancer outside of the primary site.

Because the liver is the most common site of solid organ metastasis, secondary liver cancers are quite common.

Surgical removal of liver tumors offers the best chance for a cure.

However, many liver tumors are inoperable due to size, number, or proximity to major vessels and vital structures.

Fortunately, interventional radiologists are able to offer patients with inoperable liver tumors several treatment options. This group of procedures can be collectively referred to as liver directed therapies.


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