Broken Backbone


Nonsurgical relief of vertebral compression fractures

Vertebral fractures can cause long term debilitating pain.

Many times, pain medications are given to help with symptoms but solutions to the fracture itself may not be evident.

Vertebroplasty is a nonsurgical option that has been helping to relieve back pain since 1994.

An image guided needle is used to deliver medical grade cement to the fractured vertebra.

The cement hardens within 20 minutes, stabilizing the bone and restoring vertebral structure.

Some patients experience immediate relief while in others pain is reduced or eliminated within 2 days.

About 75% of patients report that the procedure allows them to regain lost mobility.

Interventional radiologists at Advanced Radiology Services are highly experienced and have performed thousands of vertebroplasty procedures.

It is one of the most professionally satisfying procedures we perform due to such a high percentage of our patients experiencing prompt and dramatic pain relief.

Our patient satisfaction rate for significant pain reduction is approximately 90%.


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